• Can I really learn spinal manipulation through a webinar? How does that work?

    Yes! Take a look at the reviews from our October 2020 webinar with two Canadian healthcare professionals! IMMT provided live instruction over a webinar meeting. The healthcare professionals were able to practice on each other remotely from their location and Dr. Buck provided specific feedback through a laptop computer.

    To sign up for the remote discount, just register for the course you would like to attend remotely and input the promo code REMOTE in order to get the 50% off discount. You will have to order the textbook and course videos shipped to you, which is part of the registration process. Also, you will need to have a partner to practice on throughout the webinar. It is easiest if this is another healthcare provider that wants to take the course. Lastly, you must have a laptop computer with a camera to see the course presentation.

  • Does IMMT offer private instruction in spinal manipulation?

    Yes, we now offer in-person and remote private sessions! Check out this webpage to learn more.

  • What is your course-satisfaction guarantee?

    We are supremely confident that our course instruction will provide the verbal, visual, and tactile education to allow the participant to develop competence (and eventual mastery) of thrust joint manipulation. We believe this so strongly that we would like to put the minds of potential participants at ease with regards to their investment.

    Therefore, IMMT will provide participants a 50% discount on their next course if they are unsatisfied at the end of their current IMMT seminar. This discount must be requested at the end of the current course and must be made in good faith. Please contact us for more information on this guarantee.

  • I am unable to attend a seminar/webinar but want to learn thrust joint manipulation. Can you help me?

    Yes, IMMT has its course textbooks and videos available for purchase on our “Spinal Manipulation Courses” drop-down menu under “Course Products.”

  • Why should I choose IMMT’s thrust joint manipulation courses?

    Some thrust manipulation seminars offered do not consider the audible pop important. We actually demonstrate that the current research literature favors cavitation, to say nothing of the importance that patients ascribe to it.

    Other seminars agree with us that the pop is important, but fail to provide the technical detail for course participants to achieve this consistently. As our course reviews indicate, the thoroughness of the instruction is where IMMT really distinguishes itself.

  • Is thrust joint manipulation safe?

    To answer simply, yes. Of course, absolute safety cannot be guaranteed with any healthcare procedure. But, statistically speaking, thrust joint manipulation is just as safe or safer than other commonly used interventions such as therapeutic exercise or medications.

  • How long does it take to complete the Cert. TJM curriculum?

    There is no required duration to complete the course curriculum. However, it would likely be ideal to, at a minimum, complete a course every 3 months to allow for implementation of the techniques in clinical practice. This would mean a candidate could reasonably master the material in about 1 year in order to pass the comprehensive written and practical testing of Part 4.

  • Do you offer any discounts?

    Yes, we offer a 50% discount to students of an appropriate healthcare profession, if they are accompanied by a clinical instructor. If a clinical instructor is unable to attend, students receive a 25% discount.

    Interested participants who sign up months in advance also receive an Early-Bird discount. See the course description page for more information.

    Lastly, group discounts are available on a case-by-case basis. Contact IMMT for more information on this or any of our discounts.

  • Am I too small/weak to use thrust joint manipulation?

    No, IMMT has successfully taught practitioners with a body type of close to 100 pounds to utilize thrust joint manipulation. However, it would be incorrect for anyone to say that technique can magically make up for a lack of strength. Great manipulative technique incorporates the proper application of power (strength x speed) to achieve joint cavitation. The detailed technical instruction provided by IMMT gives the smaller practitioner the tools needed to first, develop manipulative strength, and second, to utilize speed and precision to overcome the disadvantage of a smaller body type.

  • Do I have to take the course curriculum in order?

    Although it is recommended to take the courses in sequential order, this is not mandatory. The only exception is that TJM Part 4 must be taken after successful completion of the other three courses. However, a course participant wishing to take Parts 2 or 3 before Part 1 must enroll for Part 1 concurrently. Contact us for more information.

  • Can my organization hire IMMT to teach spinal manipulation at our facility?

    Absolutely. In fact, IMMT has been invited to the country of India in September of 2020 to teach Parts 1-3 of its thrust joint manipulation curriculum. More details on this event are available by clicking the link on our home page. Please contact us if you are interested in hosting IMMT at your facility.