• Why should I choose IMMT’s thrust manipulation courses?

    Some thrust manipulation seminars offered do not consider the audible pop important. We actually demonstrate that the current research literature favors cavitation, to say nothing of the importance that patients ascribe to it.

    Other seminars agree with us that the pop is important, but fail to provide the technical detail for course participants to achieve this consistently. As our course reviews indicate, the thoroughness of the instruction is where IMMT really distinguishes itself.

  • Do you offer any discounts?

    Yes, we offer a 50% discount to those who have taken a different thrust manipulation course. We are offering this for a limited time to incentivize trying our unique teaching methods.

    We also offer a 50% discount to physical therapy students who come with a paid clinical instructor. If a clinical instructor is unable to attend, students receive a 25% discount.

  • Am I too small/weak to use thrust joint manipulation?

    No, IMMT has successfully taught practitioners just over 100 pounds to utilize thrust joint manipulation. However, it would be incorrect for anyone to say that technique can magically make up for a lack of strength. Great manipulative technique incorporates the proper application of power (strength x speed) to achieve joint cavitation. The detailed technical instruction provided by IMMT gives the smaller practitioner the tools needed to first, develop manipulative strength, and second, to utilize speed and precision to overcome the disadvantage of a smaller body type.