Certification Program

CERT. TJM®| Program Curriculum

The Certification in Thrust Joint Manipulation (Cert. TJM) credential designates the recipient as a specialist in performing safe, effective thrust joint manipulation for the entire skeleton. Candidates for the credential must successfully complete the following curriculum*:

TJM Part 1: Thrust Joint Manipulation to the Spinal Column

  • 13 Spinal Manipulation Procedures from Occipito-atlantal to Sacroiliac Articulations
  • Background of TJM
  • Guidelines for Safe Practice
  • Basic Review of Evidence for Spinal Disorders

TJM Part 2: Thrust Joint Manipulation to the Spinal Column – Advanced

  • Review of TJM Part 1 Procedures and Didactic Material
  • 22 Additional Spinal Manipulation Procedures for Entire Spinal Column including Sacrococcygeal Articulation
  • Mechanisms of Benefit for TJM
  • Safety/Efficacy of TJM for Select Neuromusculoskeletal Conditions

TJM Part 3: Thrust Joint Manipulation to Non-Spinal Articulations

  • 31 Procedures to All Remaining Diarthrodial and Select Synarthrodial Joints
  • Background of Non-Spinal TJM
  • Guidelines for Use of Non-Spinal TJM
  • Efficacy of Spinal and Non-Spinal TJM for Upper and Lower Quarter Neuromusculoskeletal Conditions

TJM Part 4: Certification in Thrust Joint Manipulation (Cert. TJM)

  • Review of All Techniques and Didactic Information
  • Comprehensive Practical and Written Examination

*Although it is recommended to take the courses in sequential order, this is not mandatory. The only exception is that TJM Part 4 must be taken after the successful completion of the other three courses. However, a course participant wishing to take Parts 2 or 3 before Part 1 must sign up for Part 1 concurrently. Contact us for more information.