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The Institute of Manual and Manipulative Therapy (IMMT) offers a four-course series ending with practical and written certification exams. Applicants who successfully pass the certification process will be able to use the designation Cert. TJM® (Certified in Thrust Joint Manipulation) as part of their clinical education background.

Courses are available to student and licensed physical therapists, medical doctors, doctors of chiropractic, and doctors of osteopathy. Other manual therapy providers, including physical therapist assistants, athletic trainers, and massage therapists, are also welcome to attend if their state practice act allows.


  1. TJM Part 1: Thrust Joint Manipulation to the Spinal Column
  2. TJM Part 2: Thrust Joint Manipulation to the Spinal Column – Advanced
  3. TJM Part 3: Thrust Joint Manipulation to the TMJ, Anterior Rib, and Extremity
  4. TJM Part 4: Certification in Thrust Joint Manipulation (Cert. TJM)

The first 3 courses can be taken in any order. Part 4 can only be taken after the successful completion of the other three courses.

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