Course Reviews

  • Great job with presentation, instruction & feedback to participants. Good confidence with teaching.

    Bernadette Brase, DPT
    San Diego, CA

  • I enjoyed how Dustin took the time to go through each manipulation via video/discussion/tutorial – the continuous practice throughout the course really helped me understand the material. I liked that Dustin would also guide me through the manips with tactile cues to my hands.

    PT, Premier Performance PT and Sports Medicine
    Waltham, MA

  • The videos/looping was very helpful in allowing slow and real-time speed of the manipulation, especially while working with other therapists. Dr. Buck was very helpful in taking time to help me with the mechanics and techniques/changes that were necessary for me to be successful with my body type/structure. Within the class I was able to get a lot of hands-on work w/ different body types which is conducive to applying techniques to patients.

    Olivia Dyer, DPT

  • He provided one-on-one instruction and in-depth correction that has corrected some shortcomings in my technique that were not made clear/evident in past manipulation courses. We worked at a rate in which we became more proficient in technique before moving on.

    Chicago, IL Participant

  • One-on-one instruction was EXCEPTIONAL. Never have I seen so much time & effort shown in any course I’ve ever attended. Great presentation, flow of teaching. Information in didactic & course book was precise.

    Director of Rehab

  • Great labs & applicable material. The pace of the course was good & can confidently start applying techniques learned.

    Physical Therapist, DPT

  • Very happy with the practice time we had. Instructor was encouraging and motivating.

    Mitchell Anderson, DPT
    Aurora, IL

  • Dr. Buck provided great individualized, hands-on instruction to help me feel confident to provide safe and effective manipulations. I’m looking forward to using my new skills in the clinic tomorrow!

    Jessica Seaburg PT, DPT, OCS
    Livingston, MT

  • I really liked the written out set-up and explanation of each technique – far more helpful than previous instruction and courses I have taken.

    E.G., DPT
    Bozeman, MT

  • Lots of hands-on. Instruction was very individualized and focused on our deficit areas to get us as proficient as possible. Using the scale to show force requirements & having us practice on the scale was a great addition to the teaching.

    Rhonda Wakai, PT
    Missoula, MT

  • Excellent course. Dustin was very knowledgeable and thorough with his course. I learned a lot and in detail. Thank you! 

    Omari Phillip, PT, DPT

  • Helped with some techniques I was missing and now have more options to try with patients.

    F.F., PT, DPT

  • Excellent course, this is what I have been wanting to learn to help bring my treatments to the next level and help problem solve.

    Natasha Jankowsky, DPT
    San Diego, CA