Can I really learn spinal manipulation through a webinar? How does that work?

October 25th, 2020

Yes! Take a look at the reviews from our October 2020 webinar with two Canadian healthcare professionals! IMMT provided live instruction over a webinar meeting. The healthcare professionals were able to practice on each other remotely from their location and Dr. Buck provided specific feedback through a laptop computer.

To sign up for the remote discount, just register for the course you would like to attend remotely and input the promo code REMOTE in order to get the 50% off discount. You will have to order the textbook and course videos shipped to you, which is part of the registration process. Also, you will need to have a partner to practice on throughout the webinar. It is easiest if this is another healthcare provider that wants to take the course. Lastly, you must have a laptop computer with a camera to see the course presentation.