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TJM Part 4 – Denver, CO

Seminar: June 12-13, 2021
On or before March 12: $60 off
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After April 12: Full Price

$625.00 $565.00

This two-day certification course will include 50% comprehensive review and 50%
comprehensive testing. Testing will cover all practical and didactic portions of the prior TJM series. The
primary focus will be on the psychomotor and examination skills needed to safely and effectively deliver
thrust joint manipulation (TJM) to all diarthrodial and select synarthrodial joints. Also included will be
testing on the mechanisms, safety, and efficacy of TJM for various neuromusculoskeletal conditions.
Successful applicants will be able to use the Cert. TJM designation as part of their educational background.

10 class spots available